Poland based, Performance oriented Ruby/Node/Python/React.js custom software makers
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About us

We are a group of senior full-stack web developers, DBAs, DevOps, working as a semi-remote team based in Warsaw, Poland.

We are outsourced projects from zero to production release, improving or adding new features to existed projects and making support on production environment.
Our goal is to satisfy our clients with modern performance implementations, data protection and clear communication.

And we do this well, as all projects we implement came by recommendations.
We care about code quality and work in Scrum. Also we are using next support tools: Jira/Trello, Slack, GitHub, TimeCamp, Codacy.

  • Custom software development

    • Web application development
    • Ruby/Ruby on Rails (since the beginning of framework)
    • Python/Django/Flask
    • Node.js/Express/
    • PostgreSQL/Redis/MongoDB/ElasticSearch
    • React.js/Redux
  • Code due diligence

    Code and solutions architectures.
  • Performance optimizations

    We've rescued companies from architecture performance issues many times, by involving our data stories expertise. ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL are our cups of teas. We can work with your project as DBAs.
  • DevOps

    Experiences with Azure, Amazon. Using Terraform/Packer, Ansible.

Our current clients

Software companies and brands we have pleasure working with


Please send your inquiries to